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Cristen & Adam's NYC Engagement Shoot

Cristen & Adam had the right idea when they decided to have their engagement session in NYC. This shoot took place by the Hudson River near this lovely couple's apartment. Their wedding is happening elsewhere but they wanted to make sure a bit of New York was represented in their images leading up to the big day. For me, shooting engagements on the streets of the city is one of my favorite types of shoots and working with Cristen & Adam was a real treat. Throughout our session together, I could really see how deeply they love & care for one another... and I think it shows in the images. 

Cristen and Adam came to book to me by way of a silent auction held by Make-a-Wish. About a year ago, I donated a shoot for the Toast for Wishes benefit and Cristen & Adam bid and won the session with me. Exciting! I've always enjoy working with non-for-profit organizations like Make-a-Wish who are making such big contributions to the community at large. Anyone I have met through these benefits or galas are always the best type of people and Cristen & Adam were no different. 

Since I'm a lifelong New Yorker, I may be a little basis but... New York City, is hands down one of the best (if not the best) city to photograph people in. I mean all people... Single people, teens, families, you name it, the city will be the perfect backdrop. The energy here is palpable. It swirls around you, envelopes you with the bustle & hustle... and it's wonderful.

For a photographer, the way the light sneaks and seeps through the spaces between buildings and the various little nooks & crannies lends itself to the potential for a great image, a great moment highlighting wonderful people. This city helps reveal who you are and when you're with me, you better believe that I'll make sure to capture it. 

Throughout this shoot, I worked with Cristen & Adam to make sure the city's energy & their unique couple-vibe showed. We started off with both of them looking really dapper with a wonderful suit on Adam and a gorgeous lace dress on Cristen. Though both looked like perfection, I knew there was something more I could bring out in this shoot. So, I suggested a quick change into some casual attire and like a switch...I got them. Through my lens, I could see I was shooting the real Cristen & Adam, a light-hearted, fun couple who are head over heels for each other.  Take a peek into their shoot below: