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You’re getting married!


What a wonderful time in your life. So now that you have found your perfect match and wedding plans are well on their way... It’s time to find a photographer to immortalize one of the most romantic days of your life... your wedding.

Let’s face it, finding your photographic match for your wedding can be stressful. From your mom to your best friend; everyone has an opinion and a style they like for you. Late night Instagram browsing sessions and Pinterest pinning make for good inspiration,  but as a fiance, you are not only oversaturated with images and information but with decision too.

That's where we come in! Here are 8 tips that my team and I have come up with to make one decision easier for your wedding.


1. Know your style. There are so many different styles of wedding photography. So, take a look at all the imagery you've inevitably researched and look for the common visual thread in what you've compiled. No, queue of wedding images? Instagram and Pinterest will be your friends. Start by searching for photographers in your area!


2. Know what you want. When looking at the photos you love; are most of them posed or are they candid, in-the-moment type shots? Do you like sweeping dramatic scenes or close, intimate moments? Being precise about what you like will not only help you find a photographer with the technique and vibe you desire but also will help give a clear vision to your photographer.


3. When looking at a photographer's portfolio make sure to request to see a full wedding gallery. Online portfolios are curated to be the best-of-the-best; which is great but be sure to see a full portfolio from one wedding.

While looking at wedding galleries take note of the location of the weddings. How does the photographer shoot a city vs. a country wedding? Have they shot in a similar venue to yours? Are the images from gallery to gallery formulaic or are they unique to each wedding? You want to make sure your photographer is aligned to the day you have created.


4. After doing the work, you now have a few photographers to choose from...  What next? Chemistry is everything when it comes to a wedding couple and their photographer. We will be your right-hand woman/man on your wedding day. (We've even helped brides into the bathroom, talk about too much tulle!)

Bottom line: Love their energy and feel at ease with your photographer.

5. While narrowing down your photographer, make sure you pick someone who is a seasoned professional, well equipped to anticipate your needs, even before you do. (We do not claim to be “know it alls”, but after years of documenting weddings we are aware of how important it is to be organized, prepared and one step ahead.)


6. Flexibility is a key virtue for any wedding photographer. As we know not everything goes according to plan. Having a photographer that can comfortably switch to plan B or C; making unknown mishaps welcome surprises. So while interviewing the best person for the job ask them how they have navigated unforeseen situations in the past.


7. EXPECTATIONS! We all have them and it is important that your photographer is clear about yours. For ex: If you want a gorgeous sunset photo, but you are getting married a week before daylight saving time and your portrait sitting is not starting till 6 PM (depending on where you live) you might miss this dream shot.


8. Once you have picked your photographer, it's never too early to go over details and plan time frames; this will help your photographer to start prepping for your day.


 As wedding photographers, we are honored to be apart of such an important day in your life. Here at Terri Diamond Photography, we take weddings very seriously. Not only is our team made up of artist and professionals, we have the expertise and systems in place to make sure your wedding photography goes smoothly and you love your images.