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Together is a beautiful place to be...

Terri was excited to shoot Brooke & Connor's wedding; especially after working with them for their engagement photos; where they played and blew bubbles for their shoot. They are a sweet couple and I know shooting their wedding day was an honor. 

Terri and her team started out as they normally do, capturing the getting ready aspect of the wedding and all the sweet in-between-moments that come with it. Then they hit the streets! Since the wedding took place at the prestigious Yale Club (a members only club where you can only gain membership if you are an alumni or professor of Yale. Pretty cool, huh?! ), they were close to enough to Grand Central Terminal (a mere 350ft away) to shoot beautiful bride and groom portraits. 

These images depict the reality of living in the city. There's lots of people rushing about; giving the city its energy. But when you look at the happy and so-in-love faces of Brooke & Conor you get the sense their love can weather anything this big, bustling city brings. 

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