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Siegel's Family Session 

Terri has always enjoyed working with the Siegel family. She and the studio photographed Ben Seigel's Bar Mitzvah last year at the largest waterfront venue in Manhattan, Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers. Their recent family session was no exception for this lively family who is always so much fun to work with. Their energy is infectious and their energetic nature shows in their session. For this shoot, the Siegel's wanted to include the city streets and the Highline as backdrops to their family shoot for the added pop of energy in their photos. 

The Highline is a great choice to get any kind of portraits taken. Since the elevated park is well above street level, there is not much obscuring the light which gives the photos a wonderful quality. If you want to make sure that your portraits scream NYC, stop on the Highline to get a great portrait with the city behind you. Once you're there, you'll see their are so many places to shoot. 

What happens when your children simply does not want to be photographed...?  With the right photographer, it's  when the adventure and magic begins! 

Family sessions are high energy for photographers. Kids and teens are so much fun to work with but boy they do not like sitting still. (what I wouldn't give for that much energy!) At times it seems like they have all the energy and it permeates throughout the session. The Siegel boys were definitely highly spirited but instead of trying to make the boys do exactly what she envisioned for the shoot; Terri let the boys be who they are. She sat with them when she could and literally got down to their level, by laying on the grass,  to capture them playing and wrestling with each other. By doing so, I think Terri got a really accurate and authentic images of how this family truly is. 

Take a look at this very energetic and very New York family session!