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Julian's Bar Mitzvah 

Some days are just happy. These are the kind of days where everyone has a huge smile on their face, bounce in their step and things just seem a little brighter, warmer. Julian's Bar Mitzvah was that kind of day. Everyone who was apart of the mitzvah seemed extremely excited to be there and celebrate with Julian & his wonderfully loving family. The entertain was great, guests tore up the dance floor, the speeches, spoken & sung, were touching and mom & dad were glowing with pride for their son. 

Julian's Bar Mitzvah took place at Chalet in Roslyn, NY. Chalet, a restaurant known for serving modern American fare and it's active nightlife scene, (aka know how to party). Julian's party was no exception; it was a vibrant and carefree party. For the Bar Mitzvah, Chalet was decked out in a very throwback theme. The entire place was decorated in a Nintendo theme that celebrated the various systems that Nintendo has rolled out through the years. I have to say we LOVED this theme and all the nostalgia it brought back. I love that Julian picked this theme! 

In every bar or bat mitzvah, there are speeches. We've all heard the touching speeches, loving quotes, and inspirational words given to the mitzvah child by their family and loved ones but never have we seen a speech sung! Julian's mom, Dana, delivered a beautiful song for her son during the speeches. Hearing and watching her perform was touching and so filled with love. Dana is a not only an incredible singer but she is a writer and professor of Sociology within the CUNY system. We see Mom has not only talented but is super smart too! 

Take a look at the great time we all had below!