Nervous about your teen's portrait session? 

Don't be! 

Here at Terri Diamond Photography, we love teen shoots. We love the energy and the openness of a teen or pre-teen to try new things and be daring for the camera. 

If you are wondering what you can do to prepare your teen for their shoot, here are some tips and tricks to having a fun and memorable teen shoot. 

For Everyone 

- Plan with your teen their outfit ahead of time. Working with your teen to achieve a look and style you both love the night before the shoot is a recipe for disaster. Talk to your teen right after booking their session so you have ample time to find an outfit everyone loves.

- Let's talk about hair! It's best to get your teen's hair cut of trimmed about two weeks before their photo session. This gives you a buffer of time between the cut and the shoot; just in case the cut goes wrong or you want to practice a particular style and need to practice it. Better yet! If you have a daughter, treat her to a blowout or style by a professional to ensure the best look. 

-  Glasses. If your kid loves their glasses or you think it's their signature look but you don't want crazy glare that can take away from a photo; here are some tricks. Have your lenses removed for the shoot or ask your eye doctor to borrow a similar pair without the lenses. 

- No wrinkly clothes. Nothing is worse than seeing wrinkly clothing in an otherwise perfect photo. Iron and hang your teens outfit the night before to insure a tidy look. Pro Tip: If you are traveling to a location, make sure to have traveling clothes for your teen. That way all your ironing efforts are wasted by a car ride to the shoot. 

- Be prepared! Bring makeup for touchups, chapstick for windy days, brush and bobby pins for flyway hair or a headband / hat for a different look. 

For the Girls:

- For girls, make sure to have some makeup for the shoot. Light, subtle makeup will even out skin tone and accent the best features.  

- Freshly manicured or painted nails make a huge difference in your daughter's session. Pick a color that compliments the outfit you both have chosen and show your child's personality. If your daughter isn't big on nail polish, get her a manicure and finish it with a buff instead of paint for a subtle put together look.   

- Make sure to have your daughter move in her outfit before the shoot to make sure bra straps are not peeking out. 

- If your daughter is wearing heels or wedges to her shoot, bring some easy to wear flats for her to wear while walking for location to location.