Let me set the scene . . . 

You have contacted Terri for your family portraits. You have a date picked. You have talked to Terri about location & general feeling of your photos. Everything is set but you still feel unprepared?

We can help! 

Here are a few proven tips for before, during, and after your family's portrait session to make the best experience for you and your family. 

  1. Plan your outfits. 
    1. Look at the day's weather to suss out what kind of attire you will need
    2. When planning your outfit, start with the hardest person to dress. This will make it easier to coordinate with everyone else.
    3. When planning everyone's outfit... Coordinate! Try thinking of it as if you are putting together one single outfit throughout the family's clothes. 
    4. Bonus! Think about your homes decor when planning outfits. Ultimately, the images will hang in your home and it's best to show your family's unique style. 
  2. SLEEP. SLEEP SLEEP! We can not stress how important sleep! 
    1. Try to make sure that a few days leading up to your portrait session that everyone in your family gets plenty of sleep. 
    2. The night before the big day, put everyone to bed early. Well rested children are always the happiest in pictures and that means their well rested parents are happy too! 
    3. Those of you with tiny kids, make sure they have napped before your session. (sleep toddlers & babies are never to keen on photos without a nap!) 
  3. Eat before your session. 
    1. Before your photo session make sure that everyone has eaten and has a full belly. 
    2. Bring snacks for the kids because shoots can be exhausting and snacks always help. 
    3. If you're favorite, four-legged furry friend is coming to your session bring doggie treats as an incentive to sit still for portraits. 
  4. Give yourself time. 
    1. Arrive to your location a few minutes early so that you can take care of any snafus that come up
    2. Arriving early allows you and your family to get use to the space in which you will be shooting
  5.   Enjoy yourself & Enjoy your family. 
    1. Have fun with your session. If you are enjoying yourself and having fun with your kids, it will show and who doesn't want to see that in their family photos. 
    2. Let go and be playful! Terri will guide and direct your through your session, so you have nothing to worry about during the shoot!

We hope this helps you prep your family for their session! 

If you do not  have a family session planned with Terri, contact us to book one! It's a great way to remember your family at whatever family phase you are in! 

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