We love working with Lola & Sophie! They are one of our favorite e-commerce & lifestyle clients. We have been working with them for a little while now and every shoot we have with them is a blast. Everyone on the Lola & Sophie team is a delight to work with, know their stuff and are, of course, very stylish. 

Gene Kagan is the talent and creator behind Lola & Sophie. In creating the now largely recognized and growing fashion brand, Gene wanted to answer the age old question of... "what to wear?" by creating a line that was chic yet easy to wear. Because we all know, if you feel uncomfortable in it, you won't wear it. This has a been

Gene has been passionate about designing for women since he was 12, when he cut up his mother's curtains and made them into dresses inspired by fairy tales and evil queens. A lot has changed since then, but Gene still wants every woman who wears Lola & Sophie to look fabulous and to feel as if she suddenly exists in a world of wonder and magic.

That's what's wonderful about the Lola & Sophie line...  each meticulously crafted item is sophisticated, super comfortable and a little magical! (win-win-win, right?) They make quality clothing that keeps up with current fashion trends, yet timeless enough that you'll keep your Lola & Sophie items in your closet for a long time. 

Our 2018 Resort & Spring line shoot with Lola & Sophie is no exception!  Take a look at THE looks for the Spring of 2018!