In Defense of Professional Portraits 

The fact is, we live in a very DIY world. Everyone thinks they can accomplish  anything themselves by simply watching  a Youtube video. From cutting hair to learning the guitar to portraits, if you can think it ... there's a tutorial for it some where. Though it's great to have a do-it-yourself, can-do attitude but somethings are better left to the pros. When it comes to putting your best self forward, a selfie is not going to help you. 


First impressions are everything...EVERYTHING.

Presenting yourself in the best way possible will help you gain a competitive edge and set a strong first impression. In the age of social media and overload of images, having a professional and impactful headshot or portrait ensures that you are taken seriously from the start. A professional, like Terri will help guide you and frame you so that your uniqueness will shine through and you'll look pretty amazing to boot. 

Selfies... beware! 

Can I be straight with you? No one... and I mean no one is going to take you seriously if your professional profile photo is a 2 year old grainy, selfie with your best friend cropped out. Though you might look happy and friendly, it's not the best way to put your best self forward. Competition is high in most fields, especially in New York City. The way to distinguish yourself (other than your work) is with what you upload to your site, post to your social media, and use in marketing. All that material should be cohesive and highlight you, which is hard to do with mismatched selfies that don't convey you. 

Investing in yourself

Having a fresh, styled & professional portrait or headshot, shows prospective customers/clients/agents that you not only take your work seriously, but you take yourself seriously. By investing the time, money, and energy to have a thoughtful and planned out portrait or headshot session you show yourself as the professional you are. 

Colleen Messina knew she wanted to invest in herself and her music so; she asked Terri to update her images with new and fresh portraits. Terri worked with her to obtain the look and feel that she was going... bright, inviting and beautiful. 

Take a look below at Colleen's shoot and see what a difference a professional can make. 

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