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We LOVE this! 

When the Kim family scheduled their family portrait session, they explained to Terri that this was their very first family shoot! She was eager to put them at ease and guide them through the shoot process.

Before the shoot, Terri spoke to Eugene & Grace about their family session; helped to prep them on what to expect, what to wear, and suggested a location near their home and with countless picturesque spots to shoot, Central Park!

On a gorgeous NYC afternoon, the family of five met with Terri at Central Park West to take part in their very first family shoot. Though nervous at first, the three adorable kids opened up to Terri and let their in ham out. When children trust the photographer, are use to their surroundings and are photographed with care & patience; some great images can be made! 

We think Terri captured some great moments with this family that they will love to be able to look at later on when these little ones are in college or elsewhere.