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Using your favorite family portrait session images as decoration for your home is a no brainer, right?

But did you know doing so leads to happier, more stable kids?


Dispersing your family photos around your house gives your home a homier feel, gives visitors an idea of what a fun family you are and serves a beautiful little reminders of your growing family. What parent doesn't love looking at a photo of their hormonal teenager as an adorable, cherubic baby. :D

But these photograph serve a bigger purpose when it comes to your child's development. Many studies have concluded that children who come from homes where they feel safe and loved have a higher sense of self confidence and self esteem which stems from feeling secure in their family home and structure. 

One of the easiest and most effective ways to show that is by hanging portraits of your kids throughout your home and living spaces.  Displaying photographs of your child/children helps to broaden the depths of their self esteem and gives them the sense that they are part of family unit. This makes them feel more secure and loved, thus giving them the time and mental space to develop in other ways. 

I don't know if you have noticed this but kids love looking at themselves and seeing their image blown up on the wall or by their bed gives them a sense of pride and importance. 

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Decorating your home on your own feels daunting but that's where Terri comes in. She understands that each photo you pick has a unique story or feeling you want to convey. Using her years of experience and her skillful arrangement skills, Terri can pick out the best placement for the images or if you know where you want to display the photos, she can give you framing options and display choices customized to your home. 

Though most people know her as a the artistic force behind her lens, Terri's creative prowess doesn't stop at shooting. She will help you make sense of your space and photographs within your space... always making sure the little ones are on full display! 

Have a shoot coming up and have questions about framing? Had a family shoot with Terri & looking for framing services. Click the button below to let us know what you need!