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Let's face it ... for some people being photographed is not fun. It's understandable and I bet we have all been there. I know I have. Yet, it is something that can be easily overcome by allowing for the magic of life and adventure to unfold before you ... even if it's just in your backyard. 

Luckily for Dan & Dakota, New York City is their backyard. On the day of their engagement session, with Terri's keen eye and guidance, they were able to embrace their everyday surroundings a little differently and it shows in their shoot. They were willing to be explorers in the city in which they live; along with Terri's creativity and direction made for a great collaboration. Here at Terri Diamond Photography, we believe that where openness and collaboration meet is where art lives.

Terri is the consummate professional. Therefore, she is always prepared for engagement shoots and ready to photography a session filled with inspiration and planned shots. For this engagement session, instead of shooting just what she had sketched out; she let the day, the couple, and the city speak to her. The results were fantastic and you can see this couple was really having fun! 

Check out some great images from Dan & Dakota's Engagement Session!