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In 1920, nearly 100 years after the first photograph was taken, boudoir photography was created. Despite being invited in the early days of Prohibition, it's popularity grew. In those days, it not only illegal to imbibe spirits but it was also illegal to possess nude photography... even if it was of you! 

Thankfully, nearly 100 from its creation, boudoir photography is going strong and it is one of our favorite kinds of sessions to shoot. We love making woman feel comfortable and beautiful in their bodies and in front of the camera. Below are some session tips to keep in mind for your next boudoir session. 

  1. Make sure to up your skin care regiment. 
  2. Practice posing in the mirror beforehand. This will loosen you up and get you use to posing. Dont worry on what poses you do; we will help you look your best during the session 
  3. Get your hair and make-up done. This will help you feel your best the day of the shoot. 
  4. Think about what you want and don't want to wear. What you wear sets the mood; so it's important to give it some thought. 
  5. Don't know what to wear or how to style your hair or any other questions... Ask Terri. She always sets a side time to talk to clients before shoots!