E-commerce photography is important!

So, here are our 4 Top Tips for Your Next E-commerce Shoot ...


Brand and e-commerce photography should not be overlooked or skimped on. The investment in professional images that a company or brand makes now, will reap the benefits later with a loyal customer following, brand recognition and a cohesive look to your brand. 

Doesn't it seem like everyone is selling something nowadays? How is a company or brand to stand out in the crowd? Having a stellar product is always the first step but the way you convey your product and brand to the world is the real meat of the success.


Marketing and getting your name out there is all about images. Think about it... we rely on photographs for everything social media, marketing campaigns, website, printed material... the list goes on.  If your images are grainy and lack artistic direction, no matter how great your product is... I bet you won't get many bites. That's where a professional comes in! 

Professionally created and taken images pop when you see them and are often more eye-catching. When working with a professional photographer on your brand images, you will not only get images that best show your brand or product but since a professional can recreate the same feel and look over and over again, the images will be different and interesting yet will all look as if they go together no matter how long between sessions.

Here are some pro-tips for your next e-commerce shoot:

On a Model

Get your product on or around a model. it's become common practice to show items on a person in addition to the standard e-commerce images. Doing this will give your product a sense of scale and size. Additionally, it is helpful to state the model’s height and size for reference for each. 

Details, Details, Details

Details shots are important. How else is anyone going to see how delicately crafted your handmade clothing is or what gorgeous leather is used to make your handbags. Making sure to take details shots ensure that the customer knows what the product is up close and personal. These shots are an effective way to communicate the unique qualities of any products that may be difficult to describe. 


Include all the angles

Make sure to have multiple angles and images taken of your product. Highlighting all points of your product will help to show any inherent benefits and versatility. Showing multiple products shots show customers that you understander their needs when buying and are taking care of them by giving them all the information they need to make their buying experience easy. 

Show your product in use

Along with your product's studio images, considering lifestyle photography is key. Whatever your product is show it in use and show it well. Lifestyle photography for a business is equally as important straightforward e-comerce images; since they create a desire for the product and tell the customer more about your brand.