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Layla's Bat Mitzvah lacked the crazy hustle and bustle that is normally seen before & during an event like a Bat Mitzvah. It was replaced by the wonderful sounds of crashing waves, ocean air and laughter from family.

Layla's celebration took place on the impeccable Fire Island. The 31 mile island is located parallel to Long Island overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The narrow yet chic island has several resort villages which are a sought after vacation destination for over 800,000 visitors a summer. 

The first part of the bat mitzvah day was spent taking portraits of the birthday girl and family. Everyone was playful and eager to soak up the sun while getting their photos taken. We loved working with this good looking family and their love for one another was palpable. When looking at the images from that day, you'll see it looks like the family had a blast... that's because they did! They brought so much joy to the shoot and even the family dog got in on the fun!

Next, we were off the Fire Island Synagogue to take part in the most sacred part of the day, the Bat Mitzvah services. The service was intimate yet beautiful with 25 friend and family in attendance. The synagogue even let the furriest member of the family attend the service and what a good dog he was! The services were concluded with portraits with friends and family to document the major life event. 

Finally we arrived at the Palms Hotel where the party was set up outside, on the beach so all could enjoy the sunset and ocean while they celebrated. Layla, her family, and friends partied into the night. Ending the night with some pictures with the local fire department who came to check out a faulty fire alarm that sounded. 

Take a look at this wonderful event. We were very excited to part take in such a special and intimate day.