One of the great things about living in New York City is getting to meet smart, talented, and creative individuals working interesting fields. Leah and Andy are working actors, who moved here from Minnesota and Missouri, respectively. This acting couple has been in countless tv shows, plays and independent films and Terri really enjoyed working with them. (Watch out for Leah on the latest season of SVU!)   

Terri had the pleasure of meeting Leah and Andy while attending a seminar hosted by Ariel & Shya Kane, creators of Transformation Made Easy . Their approach is like none other and has helped countless numbers of people throughout the world.   

The Kanes’ approach to self discovery is anthropological in nature. This empowers participants of the Kanes’ interactive seminars to find peace of mind and well being by viewing their actions within a non-judgmental framework, allowing for honest self-observation without self-reproach. It also creates a safe learning environment where feedback is given and received in a non-threatening manner, which results in a strong support structure for improving self esteem.

Transformation Made Easy is not just a great way to empower yourself but you also get to meet other amazing people with the same thought process. 

When Leah and Andy approached Terri about freshening up their headshots, she was delighted at the thought of working with such wonderfully creative people. Leah is a triple threat! She is an actress, singer, and writer; who boasts an impressive acting resume that spans TV, Broadway, and commercials. Andy is an actor and director who's work can be seen in Orange is the New Black and Luke Cage .  

We can't wait to see what else these talented creatives have in store for us next. 

Take a look at their session with Terri!

Look! Leah is already using an image from her session. We love seeing this! 

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