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A Spooky Halloween Dinner with David Tutera

With Halloween here, we thought we might add a little spookiness to your day by sharing the impeccable and creative work of David Tutera. Known by all for his style, creative eye and design prowess, David is the "leading wedding & entertaining expert" and boasts an impressive client list of A-list celebrities and influential people. His Mystery Dinner party, documented by Terri Diamond Photography, was another out-of-this-world experience that everyone has come to love and expect from him. 

David Tutera has a natural talent for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. His name has become synonymous with style, elegance, creativity and vision.

We had the pleasure of working with David and his team through a reference from our uber talented friends over at More than Music. We worked with David to capture all the details for a lavish mystery dinner held at Sands Point Reserve aka the Hempstead House. The Hempstead House is a sprawling 200+ acre with mansions and a learning center on the premises. It's grounds face the Hempstead Bay and are dripping with NY history. For the haunted mystery dinner, David transformed the The Hempstead House's Mansion into a spooky yet decadent event. 

If god is in the details... then this party was a religious experience. Every single detail was thought of and planned for. Not an inch of the mansion was left untouched by David. To add even more spookiness to the night, makeup artists and actors were hired to portray the undead; some of whom resembled the zombies from Michael Jackson's Thriller and the outside of the mansion's grounds was transformed into a cemetery.  To add to the night's ambiance and get in on festivities, David donned a full makeup to make him look like a skeleton and was delightfully unrecognizable. 

Not only was the location and decor a delightful Halloween experience but even getting to the Hempstead House was a venture for those in attendance. First, the guests were picked up at a location, with any any knowledge of where the party was, and were driven in gorgeous vintage cars to the dinner. When they arrived at mansion, they were escorted by the actors dressed in all forms of undead characters and were by screams of a seven foot Lurch who yelled "where have you been, we have waited 100 years." The overall premise of the dinner was that the dinner party they were attending actually took place 100 years ago and the undead were those who never made it out alive!  What a great idea for a party! We loved seeing & being apart of such a grand event. 

Get into the Halloween spirit and take a look at David Tutera's party creation below!