As you know, the Terri Diamond Photography team are based in New York but sometimes Terri is commissioned to shoot outside of the city for weddings or portrait shoots. For this shoot, it was a little different. Terri was commissioned by David Herrick to travel to Montclair to shoot for  Juniper Yoga & Fitness. Though the art direction of David, Terri and he worked to shoot the beautiful facilities and the gym's co-owners (real-life sisters) Mary Grace & Tina Pizzaro. David was there on-site to help guide the photography shoot and collaborate wth Terri for shots. 

Mary Grace & Tina are passionate and extremely knowledgeable about yoga & fitness and it shows when meeting them. Mary Grace is a gifted massage therapist and the premier yoga instructor for Juniper. A dedicated healer & yogi, Mary Grace wants to inspire others to do their best both physical & mentally. The other half is this health & fitness duo is Tina. Tina left the cold world of IT to focus on her Bikram Yoga certification and run Juniper Fitness with her sister. You would be hard press to find a more dynamic sister duo and we love their motivating energy! 

With the right intention, you can achieve anything. Yes, you can! We provide a space where each person can begin just the way they are. We encourage clients to take one step a time and keep taking action towards their goals. We’re excited to see clients build a good foundation towards continually practicing and growing. The possibilities are endless and we’re happy to witness that success and confidence in our clients.

Terri is really into fitness herself. She is an avid runner, bikes almost daily, and frequently attends the yoga classes in her area of Wiliamsburg, BK. So, she really understands what goes into stay fit and the mental & physical discipline to continue on your physical fitness journey. I think her understanding of what it takes to be physical and healthy; help her shape a great narrative for Juniper Fitness.