Fashion Forward & Charity with Luana Bags! 

Here at Terri Diamond Photography we love and appreciate high quality, high style in clothes and handbags... especially handbags. If you think about it, next to your shoes, handbags are one our most used and utilized items in the rotation of your wardrobe. A handbag's style can make or break an impeccably picked outfit and its durability can make or break or your day. No good day involves you squatting and scooping up your belongings off a busy city street, after your handbag fails you. 


Luana is a line of handbags that are precisely made and obsessively crafted with an original style that screams vintage while being very current. This elevated brand brings a European sensibility and marries it with a modern design vibe to make handbags that are all their own.  

Launched in 1965 in Pelago, Italy, the Luana brand is centered around the authenticity of impeccable Italian taste and tradition paired with the global sensibility of today’s market. designed with the same heart of tradition and development techniques, the Luana mission is to be as unique and timeless as the brand was envisioned to be upon its inception in Italy in 1965.

When Luana approached Terri to shoot their line of Buy to Thrive bags, she was excited to be on board with a company that makes such lush products. This line is not only unique in design but also in purpose. 20% of the proceeds from purchases made from the Thrive line are donated to a great charity called You Can Thrive

You Can Thrive! was founded in New York City in 2005.. Feeling inspired to help those who needed it most and could afford it least, Luana DeAngelis enlisted the skills of passionate community members to help ease the journey of people with breast cancer. For 12 years our caring team has become the turning point that makes a real difference in the lives and outcomes of people diagnosed with cancer. 

Below you can see some of the images Terri took during her shoot with Luana. Remember to take a peek at the Buy to Thrive collection and make your next handbag purchase one to help someone with cancer.